Eva Clarke

Eva Clarke

Eva Clarke is a black belt promoted under the guidance and tutelage of Professor Pedro Lott, a 3rd-degree black belt and owner of Frontline-Carlson Gracie Academy Canada. Eva’s passion for jiu-jitsu began when she moved to the UAE in 2012 and started training at Cobra Fitness and Martial Arts Academy. Eva received all her belts from Professor Lott and, she was fortunate enough to train alongside some of the best jiu-jitsu practitioners across the globe in Abu Dhabi. Eva competed in several international tournaments with some of the world’s best jiu-jitsu fighters whilst based in Abu Dhabi. Eva’s international fighting experience has given her the required foundational skillsets required in jiu-jitsu and a competitive mindset that she hopes to share with her students at Frontline Academy Australia.
Eva’s love and commitment to Brazilian jiu-jitsu are coupled with her passion for fitness. Eva was a former Army Combat Fitness Leader and a Military Physical Training Instructor. She was also a Military Self-defense Instructor and has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. Eva has an extensive list of achievements in fitness and sports. Eva is a former Australian Body building figure champion. She has broken 16 x Guinness world records in multiple fitness disciplines. Eva also has a passion to compete and spontaneously run for fun in ultra-marathons across the globe.
Eva’s passion for jiu-jitsu and fitness stems from her desire to feel and be her best each day. She hopes to share her love and knowledge of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and fitness with those who are seeking physical, social and emotional guidance to be at their best.

Eva is excited to help others set goals and achieve them. She admits that sometimes her own goals are as simple as ‘to do it for tomorrow’ or ‘to do it for happiness.’ Nevertheless, if your goal is simple or complex, Eva is here to help you achieve those goals.

Main Achievements: